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The Carlos Roberto Hansen Institute (ICRH) strives for training the citizen of the future, focusing on the development of Children and Adolescents.

“Our goal is to contribute in the improvement of the quality of life of an increasing number of people, focused on children and adolescents, especially in regions where Tigre Group maintains its units.”
Felipe Hansen President of ICRH

ICRH History

ICRH formally began its activities on October 30th, 2003, starting a new stage of social and community involvement for Tigre Group.

The principles and values of Tigre, implemented by João Hansen Junior and perpetuated by Carlos Roberto Hansen, led the chairman of the Board of Directors of Tigre S.A., Rosane Maria Fausto Hansen, to create an Institute that, from that moment, started to support all the Group's community actions.

"The Carlos Roberto Hansen Institute has been achieving its goals and is expected to continue this increasing growth, performing a job of great social impact. The voluntary actions of countless Tigre employees, who donate hours of work, dedication and competence guarantees the success of this social project", says Zeha Miguel Zattar Neto, executive director of ICRH.

ICRH actions are aimed at communities where Tigre has its Operational Centers: Joinville (SC), Rio Claro (SP), Castro (PR), Indaiatuba (SP), Manaus (AM), Marechal Deodoro (AL) and Escada (PE), in Brazil, and also in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, United States, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Uruguay.

People first

More than making the dream of the former CEO come true, the Carlos Roberto Hansen Institute, is the continuity of his line of thought and work. It summarizes and gathers the posture of a business group that has always put people first and always valued its community.
The Institute is one of the pillars of the company's sustainability concept, which is built on the balance between economic activity, care for the environment and the welfare of the people.


Investments 47,3 million in 14 years
Beneficiaries 3.6 million in 14 years
Supported projects 6.242 in 14 years

ICRH Pillars

Add to the country's future, contributing with education, culture and sports in the lives of thousands of young people and adolescents, without neglecting Health and Basic Sanitation, are guidelines of the Institute Carlos Roberto Hansen.

Education and Culture

Education and Culture are the basis for access to citizenship, knowledge, individual and collective evolution. Among the many projects supported by ICRH for the promotion of education and culture, it is worth noting “Conexão Cultural” (Cultural Connection), bringing movies and other artistic expressions to all regions of the country.


Sports, before or after school, contributes to the integration of young people, developing team spirit, competitiveness and social sense. It also keeps children and teenagers involved in healthy activities.
One example is the Sports Initiation Program. An initiative of the city department responsible for Sports, Leisure and Events (Fundação de Esportes, Lazer e Eventos) in Joinville, the program offers up to 23 sports before or after class at public schools in the city. There are dozens of centers spread across several districts in the city.

Health and Sanitation

It is also at the center of ICRH's efforts to promote Health, mainly focused on actions to improve sewage treatment and basic sanitation.
According to data from the World Health Organization, every dollar invested in sanitation, saves four dollars in public health costs.
Because of the history of Carlos Roberto Hansen, and the vocation of the Institute's main sponsor, Civil Construction is its main form of supporting Health.
Through the program "Atitude Solidária" (Solidarity Attitude), among others, ICRH provides resources to FIA – Fundos da Infância e da Adolescência (Funds for Children and Adolescents), for investments in childcare projects.