Meet the Institute

Much pleasure! We are Grupo Tigre's social arm. Our team is responsible for the management and / or support of initiatives aimed mainly at children and adolescents, and also for the development of projects that have an affinity with Tigre's businesses, such as rational use of water and attention to sanitation.

The history of the Institute

The Carlos Roberto Hansen Institute (ICRH) aims to train the citizen of the future, focusing on the development of Children and Adolescents.

It was formally inaugurated on October 30, 2003, in a ceremony at Centreventos Cau Hansen, which would start a new stage of Grupo Tigre's social and community involvement.

Since the beginning of that year, ICRH had already been mobilizing resources for social projects, sponsoring the Bolshoi School, the Young Citizen Project, APAE and ISPERE, among other initiatives in Joinville, the Tigre Group's host city, and in the other regions where the company maintained its manufacturing units.

Education and Culture

Since then, the Carlos Roberto Hansen Institute, materializing a dream of the late Tigre president, has focused its efforts on mobilizing resources for investments in Education and Culture, as the main lever for the development of children and adolescents.

It was Tigre's principles and values, implemented by João Hansen Júnior and perpetuated by Carlos Roberto Hansen, that led the president of the Board of Directors of TIGRE S / A, Rosane Maria Fausto Hansen, to create an Institute that, from that moment, it now houses all the Group's community actions.

The Carlos Roberto Hansen Institute, more than the fulfillment of the ex-president's dream, is the continuity of his line of thought and work. ICRH summarizes and brings together the stance of a business group that has always put people first and has always valued its community.

Health and Sanitation

Health promotion is also at the center of its efforts, mainly oriented towards actions focused on Grupo Tigre's core business, sanitary improvement and basic sanitation. Due to the history of Carlos Roberto Hansen, and the vocation of the main sponsor of the Institute, Civil Construction is its main form of support. Adding to the future of the country, contributing to the education and culture of young people and adolescents, without neglecting Health and Basic Sanitation, are guidelines of the ICRH.

Guidelines that become actions, programs and achievements that benefited 141,084 people in just four years. Investments exceed R $ 5.4 million, in more than 100 institutions, mainly concentrated in the municipalities where Tigre maintains manufacturing units.

4.7 million

of people benefited by the programs

R $ 54 million

in investments at the institute

6,719 projects

served in the municipalities where Tigre has factory units

*Números de 2013 a 2019

Make it happen

The success of the Institute's actions is in the integration with the communities and people involved. It is from there that social projects achieve results for everyone. The greater the involvement of people, the greater the range of results and benefits for all citizens.

Cau Hansen

Carlos Roberto Hansen has always had a very human vision of his mission at Tigre and in society. An advocate of participatory management, sharing decisions, he worked to make the company even more competitive, while expanding and strengthening personal ties with his peers, whether they were employees or not of the Group he led. He valued emotion, nurtured affection and gave full meaning to current expressions such as solidarity and attention to others.

There are several stories of Cau, as he was known. Stories that include people and institutions supported by him, in a discreet, almost secret way, so much so that they only surfaced after his life was cut short in an air crash in 1994. Carlos Roberto Hansen did not miss the opportunity to help people and this philosophy ended up being established within the Group that he directed in an intense, integral and outstanding way.

“People do not become great by doing great things. People do great things because they are great”

Cau Hansen

Cau Hansen, a charismatic leader


Passion for sport

Passionate about football, he was an ace behind the scenes, taking Joinville Esporte Clube (JEC) to live his glory years under the sponsorship of “Tigre de Cau Hansen”.


He was one of the biggest supporters of the team, collaborating for its best phase, when JEC was ten times state champion.


He officially joined Grupo Tigre.


Cau was born in 1951. Graduated in Business Administration, studied in Brazil and the United States. He took his first position on the board of Tigre in 1975. Eight years later, he started to command the entire company.


He was appointed director of Grupo Tigre.


He was appointed Vice President of the Group.


He was appointed President of Grupo Tigre.

He was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors.


Deceased in 1994, he left his wife Rosane Fausto Hansen and children Felipe, Carolina and Cristiane.


Leader of great charisma and community involvement, he was honored by Governor Luiz Henrique da Silveira (then mayor), who in 1997 gave the affectionate nickname of Carlos Roberto Roberto Hansen for his great work in Joinville , Centreventos Cau Hansen.

Carlos Roberto Hansen lived early in the universe of Grupo Tigre companies. He officially joined the Group in 1972. He interned in various sectors and also in his subsidiaries, living with employees and putting into practice all the teachings received from his father.

He took his first position on the board in 1975, at Rodotigre (Group's transport company, now extinct). At Cia. Hansen Industrial, currently Tigre Participações S / A, he was appointed director in 1977, vice president in 1979 and president in 1991. On the Board of Directors, he has been a board member since 1986, assuming the presidency of the Board on October 22, 1991 , when João Hansen Júnior decided to leave business permanently.

But it was in the administration of Tubos e Conexões Tigre, where he assumed the presidency on August 30, 1983, that Carlos Roberto, maintaining the same humanistic vision as his father, developed all his talent as a business leader. Adept of a participative management style, he was personally coordinating the company's strategic modernization plan.

The objective was to make Tigre more competitive, raising its levels of quality and productivity.

Personality of the year

In the business scenario, he was a member of CEAL - Council of Entrepreneurs of Latin America, of the Industrial Policy Council of Santa Catarina, an organ of the Federation of Industries, and advisor of the Commercial and Industrial Association of Joinville.

The prominent role that Cau Hansen played in the country earned him the “Personality of the Year” award in 1993, given by Anamaco - National Association of Building Material Traders.

He was also appointed as a business leader in the Plastics and Rubber sector by the magazine Balanço Anual, of Gazeta Mercantil and, in the same year, as a business leader by the magazine Brasil em Exame.

With relevant services rendered to the community, conducted in a discreet manner, Carlos Roberto Hansen consolidated the image of a charismatic and creative leader, whose personal brand will always be present at Grupo Tigre and in his city.